Based on a true story

It was a typical romance. Jane (not her true name) met Bill (identity masked) in church when they were youths. They have the right values. They have the correct role models. They understood what marriage is and what it entails. The first few years of the marriage was bliss. Bill was holding on to a very promising job and is on a trajectory up to middle management. Jane was also doing well in her career. They have duo incomes, a nice home and a car. Annual vacation took the loving couple to the far corners of the earth.

The next logical move would be to start a family. And the marriage cracks appeared when the baby came long. Jane noticed a marked change in Bill’s demeanor. He became impatient and lost his cool when the baby cried uncontrollably. It did not help that the stress on their careers soon took a toll on the marriage. Quarrels between them became prevalent.

And one day, Bill lost his cool. It started with a slap on her cheek and it became progressively violent. The fights become more frequent. Jane was in shock. It was a different Bill that she met during courtship. Jane knew that she cannot endure this physical abuse any longer. The domestic abuse and marital violence must stop!

What happened after the love is gone? If you are caught in this kind of situation, you don’t need to suffer alone. Send us a WhatsApp and we can help you explore options. Love shouldn’t hurt.

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